Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Rules

Sometimes when things get stressful I forget to eat and lose a lot of weight and run really well. This is not one of those times. I weigh now what I weighed only three times before on my life - but there's no baby to blame this time. There are rules in life. Like the pretty rule - you can be pretty and a bitch, or ugly and nice, but you can't get away with being ugly and a bitch. I have a similar running rule - I can run a marathon out of shape and skinny, or in shape and overweight, but not out of shape and overweight. And that's what I am today.

I have five weeks until the Honolulu Marathon. It's kind of a soft deadline - as in, if I get a few 20 milers in between now and then and can make it to the track here and there, then sure, I'll sign up. I'd like to run it. It's my home course. It's also the hardest marathon I've ever run, and the marathon I've run the most. I live on the course now, at mile 13, and again at about 18. If I run it and things aren't going well, it'd be hard not to take a quick turn and walk up the hill to my house, stopping at Foodland Farms for a doughnut or two because I like to drown my misery in sugar (and my stress - see paragraph 1).

When I run, it's going well enough. I'm just can't find consistency the way I used to. I set out to run 20 miles in Denver last weekend, wary that the altitude would bother me. I didn't feel it at all, but I didn't pack gloves, and 12 miles in my fingers froze so solid that I cried and called for a ride home. They didn't work for 30 minutes, even after a bath.

We traveled for a football game and a long weekend with HK's kids. It was awesome. Kerrie W., a friend from blogland and Kona every year, came down from Boulder to meet us. (Up from Boulder?) We drank a bit and made new friends and watched from a luxury box. It was my first professional football game. I forgot who they were playing frequently, but I was good at eating m&ms with broncos logos on them and getting my face painted with the kids. And Kerrie.

When in Rome!

Fall was pretty amazing. This photo was taken as I waited for a ride home, after warming my hands in my knee-pits to garner adequate body heat to work the touch screen of my phone.

I think we had a good view.
Kerrie, they're the broncos, not the ducks.

Two great things about Denver: not-frizzy hair and reason to wear a leather jacket.
I'm just sharing this because it's a very rare thing when all three play together. You can't see S, but she's under the hoop through the palm trees. 

And check it out: 4+ years in, he gets down on a knee and gives me house key. At least he's appropriately dressed.


  1. Even though you TOTALLY don't look it - I completely "get" the out of shape to race thing.
    OMG the KEY (you should take it to your jewler friend and have her transform it into a ring;) I bet Kerrie caused a lot of TROUBLE in Denver.

  2. "Like the pretty rule - you can be pretty and a bitch, or ugly and nice, but you can't get away with being ugly and a bitch."

    Harsh. Ugly people can't help it - we shouldn't have to be nice too! ;p

    1. Anon,
      I have no doubt you're beautiful - we are all in our own perfect way.
      And I fall into ugly nice FYI.