Saturday, November 30, 2013

Taper time

 A sure sign you've under-trained for your race: after the last long run of your marathon training, you finish and think: finally, a good one! instead of crap, thank god I'm done with those. Last weekend, I ran 22 in 3h, and HK ran 18. And then we sat around like this:

The marathon is a week away, so I have no choice but to taper. I signed up yesterday, so it's on. HK was offered a gig he can't say no to for that weekend, and if it pans out, he will get to skip it. He's not disappointed, or so he says. I think once you've got an 18-miler in the bank, you secretly want to race.

This week, HK only had to run 8 miles. No secret selfies. In fact, he felt so normal afterwards, he climbed Longs at Kahala Mall, unfortunately.

I don't have high expectations for next weekend, but I'm in. I got two 20-milers in. I didn't lose the weight. All signs point to disaster, but I'll probably run it anyway.

Sky's got the selfie bug, and the result is a phone full of these. I love it.

A snapshot of our holiday weekend:


  1. Love taper time! You guys know how to do it right. Great pics, as always.

  2. wishing you an AMAZING day tomorrow. love-love-love the paddle boarding/surfing attire. Go fast WOMAN!