Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Always Order the Salmon

I'm not going to lie - I haven't raced locally since the Great Aloha Run back in February for one reason only: it went so badly that I swore I'd never race over race-weight again. I was ok for Boston, but something about the combo of paddling (always 5 lbs) and the new job has me way, way over race weight. I'm training hard for the marathon, but it's going to take a significant drop over the 3.5 weeks for me to actually line it up on race day. If I don't get there, I will not start. I've done this enough times to know that I won't have a good race unless I'm both fit and light. I'm averaging 70 miles per week, even with the 2 days a week I wind up skipping due to work or fatigue. It's not a problem of lack of exercise. For me, it's 100% diet. I gag down breakfast daily even though I hate breakfast. It's the late afternoon sweet tooth that is the death of me. That and lunch meetings and dinner events - both of which I'm facing today. 

At lunch meeting #3 last week, everyone ordered the salmon special. I love fish and eat it regularly. But not salmon. Salmon is as appealing as dog crap to me. It stinks. It's hideous. It tastes like all the other fishes when they're rotten. And I don't know who they think they're fooling when they call it "fresh salmon" here, because I've never seen a salmon in our waters. I was the last one to order, and I was feeling lazy and not hungry, so I ordered the salmon. When it came, I moved it around some (ew) and ate the side veggies. No one noticed! Nobody gave me crap for eating light. I hope salmon's an option at tonight's fundraiser.

This is my little work at home buddy Geico. He climbs onto my shoulder while I work and sometimes sits in my lap. He likes to peek around my computer. Sometimes we take selfies:

This is our long run prep from last Friday night: HK is doing the marathon too. I thought it was kind of funny how different we are:

This is HK ALL DAY LONG after the long run. Sometimes we take selfies and he doesn't even know it.


  1. I don’t think I could ever fall asleep lying next to you. Unless you were talking about salmon. Then I think I could. Yeah, definitely could.

  2. Ok that second selfie is hysterical! Oh, and I'm not eating between now and Cozumel. As soon as I finish this glass of wine. Then that's it!

  3. Salmon = YUCK! I try it again every once in a while but it still tastes yucky - obviously I've found alternatives because I'm not startving;) Love your little co-worker - omg adorable.

  4. What? Hidden cameras in the bedroom? I KNEW IT!

  5. agree, salmon in Hawaii makes no sense at all..
    fresh-caught in Alaska it can be pretty good..

    ha on the nutrition - big guys need to eat to run.. I could run marathons on nothing but water and Coke, my brother has 20lbs more muscle and has to eat steadily from mile 5 on..