Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Water Week

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go kayak fishing with this guy: 

I met him on a flight to Kona for Ironman one year. 2007, we think, but we can't remember for sure. He told me he was going kayak fishing, and that he catches huge ahi and mahimahi from a kayak. I thought he was crazy. I told him what I was going to do, and he thought I was crazy. And I wanted to try kayak fishing! We finally got it together, and went out on this gorgeous weekend day:

We kayaked around the west side of Oahu for 4.5 hours. I haven't been on a kayak since high school! Ouch. I didn't catch anything. It's been a long dry spell of not catching anything. I got a solid workout to contribute to my paddling-arms (bleh), learned a ton about kayak fishing, and about Isaac's business: Aqua Hunters It was a killer day, even without fish, and I can't wait to go again.

Salty arms, and my favorite new run/paddling tights.

Last time I ran 100 (or 99+, I should say) , I got injured the following week (the peroneul tendonitis). So I really scaled it back this week, freeing up all kinds of time for adventures before and after work. Surfing, kayaking, and after that, a trip to Molokai to escort the paddleboard race. We fished again, and again, we got nothing. We saw the end of the rainbow. We cheered Tom and Rob on as they crossed the channel. We took traditional dumb boat-selfies. We camped out at Hale o Lono, which is like the Hawaii waterpeople version of Cheers. You pull into the old dilapidated harbor and every boat yells hello Rachel & Ikaika! And then they laugh at you when the captain takes 20 min to anchor the boat and tie off because there are only 6 beers left in his 30-pack, because to Ikaika, fishing = drinking. Eventually, I took over the driving part. We stayed up late boat-hopping and stopped counting the shooting stars. I forgot to go running for two whole days in a row. It was lovely.

Now I'm recovered and starting to build again. And thinking about racing. It's just a matter of where to start. The kids are safely home from their summer adventures and start school soon. Paddling State Championships is the weekend in Hanalei. Summer is almost over!


  1. Noooo don't say summer is almost over:(((( Your weekend sounds fantastic. That video was hilarious. So happy that your kiddlets are back.

  2. kayak fishing is great, did a bit in Mexico once, got a roosterfish and some sierra mackerel, also nearly ran aground on a whale..

    did 90 mile/week when young, cured me of all ambitions to do 100.. resting is sensible..

  3. Lovely! Loved this post.

    Those tights, amazing! Where does one purchase them??

    1. is the website - I think they'll be online soon, if you can't make it to one of the stores. :)

  4. I love that you forgot to run. I've done that occasionally.

  5. This is probably a stupid question, by why tights when paddling? I'm harbouring a Canadian misconception that paddling must be done in a bikini, clearly.