Friday, December 7, 2012


It's race weekend! Well, not for me, but for a lot of my people. HK did the Honolulu Marathon when he was 26, on a whim, with zero run training and went 4:15. I think he can break 4 hours on Sunday, if his evil calf doesn't take him out. He's not especially excited about the race. Somebody wished him good luck in his race yesterday and he said What race? He really did forget. Sufface to say he's a lot more at home on a beach on Molokai with his surfboard than he will be lined up for the 5 am start Sunday morning.

I am excited to spectate for the first time. I will drop HK at the start, then go for a walk, catch him at 10k, then wait for him at the finish line. I'm also excited for Brigitte, who is racing her first marathon of the year! She is truly ready to have a great run. Last year she was 10th overall. This year she seems to have won everything she's shown up to. She's on fire.

Our kitten Killer seems to have gotten into something poisonous. The vet can't figure out what, but her symptoms are similar to cats exposed to rat poison. Our crazy little fireball now sleeps 23.5 hours/day and refuses to eat. It's been 6 days. I force feed her with a syringe 3 times a day, but she's wasting away before our eyes. It's so heartbreaking. There is nothing poisonous that I know of in our home, but she had begun venturing out onto the lanais and to the hillside behind the house, and we're thinking she may have found something left out by previous tenants. There's a chance she'll recover, but for now, we just hold her and feed her and wait and see. She has lost her purr, and she's totally spaced out. Poor baby. She's just 8 weeks old, and we've only had her for half that. I am a terrible cat-mom.