Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures in Training

We woke up and decided to make the perfect Sunday. Here's how it went:

First, run a race. I was planning to run 20, but Stacky texted about the 15k, so I told him, fine, I'll do it, but I am not keeping up with you. We ran a couple miles, then raced, then ran some more miles until it felt like the equivalent of a long run. 

Stacky and I ran up to the start line as the gun went off - perfect. We ran comfortably fast for the first 5 miles - right around the 7 min/mi mark. Then we picked it up a little for the last four. In the end, we ran 1:04, around 6:50, so it was a good practice for the marathon coming up. We did finish together, but only because he had faulty shoe laces and stopped twice coming back over Diamond Head.

Second, race to the boat and throw out the fishing lines. I met HK at the boat and we headed out to watch our friends paddle around Makapuu in the Dad Center long distance race. Then we rolled around to Rabbit Island, famous for its tiger shark sightings, because I've always wanted to snorkel there. You're not allowed to touch the island - it's a sanctuary - so it's empty. The water in front of it was as expected: Tahiti-esque. We were both a little nervous, given that no one swims there. I instructed him to jump in first and splash around a while like an injured seal. Once he did that for 5 min, I jumped in too. I was able to free dive down to about 25 feet this time and spend time looking around - getting deeper!

(shark bait)

Third, jump in the pool (in lieu of shower), then take a nap. My house was quiet and it was raining in the valley. Perfect nap conditions to pass out for a couple of hours.

Last, the surfing! There was a nice swell all weekend, and clean conditions in the bay. 

Today, I splurged. I've been running in race flats since before Boston, and needed a new pair of cushioned shoes to rotate through. I tried these on while doing a little work at the Boca shop and fell in love. It's been a while, Hokas...

They're on my lanai, and I am fueled up and chomping at the bit, but can't run tonight. Can't wait for morning! The athlete program for purium is a breeze because there's a ton of protein and dinner involved. I love it, and have a discount code if anyone wants to try it. The Hoka's are the Cliftons, and aren't nearly as bulky as older models. They are so squishy - I'm in love. The view is also for sale - my house is listed, unfortunately. I know I should hope it sells for my great landlord's sake, but I really don't ever want to go.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Girls on the Run!

I had a busy week that led to unfocused training - basically, just running - and a lot of new projects going on.

I saw a Girls on the Run 5k on a race website and realized now would be the time to start one at Sky's school. So I contacted the program director here and the school principal, and both were thrilled we wanted to add a program. No one is more thrilled than Sky though, who is already recruiting friends. I'm savoring this. I know how uncool it will soon be to have her mom at school. For now, though, as long as I don't hold her hand on campus, we're ok, and she's already asking all her friends to join. 

I completed the coach's training today and it was fabulous. Normally, nothing can engage me enough to make it possible for me to sit still for three hours. But I was fine! I didn't even pretend I had to go to the bathroom so I could wander the halls - a trick I learned in fifth grade and continue now in longer boardroom meetings. They provided absolutely everything I'll need, and there's a lesson each day, usually aimed a confidence and social skills, all provided for me. I'm excited to get started - I'll coach twice a week for ten weeks, then we'll all run a 5k in November. 

In other news, Ikaika finished the Purium cleanse. His final verdict: That kind of sucked, but it was totally worth it. He's 19 pounds lighter and looks great. His next goal is to gain 10 back as muscle, and to stick to eating clean - he's mostly a Whole30 + Bud Lite guy. He even says he'll limit the beer to a couple of nights a week. Sub-200 pound Ikaika is a little weird, but he looks and feels great. Here's what we've been doing since:

Fresh poke at the Quiksilver Waterman store grand opening party at Waikiki Beach Walk

The ribeye at Trump BLT - my favorite!

Fried avocado and tacos at Cocina
(in a lulu shirt that the dog made a pirate shirt)

I'm getting back on track this week - my clients are busy, but I have a new account exec starting to help me. I got ten miles in midday today (so hot!) and will either race the 15k in the morning or go out and run 20 - which would probably be more valuable right now. 

On Monday, I'm taking part in a Healthy Happy Hour event for people interested in Purium - it'll be my first - and I'm starting their athlete cleanse. Another ten days off processed food, but this time with the protein and calories aimed at sustaining heavy training and promoting recovery. Excited to have another big training week!

A few more from the Waterman event. My friend Mike, whose art I've posted about before, has a new line out with Quiksilver. I need these slippers!

Some pretty awesome waterman, including the artist himself!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kawela Half-Marathon/Ironman

On Wednesday, my friend Chet asked if I'd be the runner for his relay team for today's inaugural Kawela Half. I figured I should race any chance I get to practice pain. So, I said sure. Then instigated a mini-taper (Friday) and decided to go after marathon goal pace, as I mentioned in my last post.

Some things I forgot:

1. Mini-tapers of one day worked when I was 29. Not so much now.
2. A half marathon that starts at 75 degrees and 5 am is not the same as a half marathon that starts at 9:30 am and 90 degrees, with strong trades.
3. Triathlons tend to have estimated distances. I checked out the course prior to saying yes. This morning, they added another 0.8 mi out and back at the end (with the hill).

Our swimmer, Taylor, did an amazing job, swimming 22 or so, because she's a swim star.
Our cyclist, Chet, got a flat tire and called to tell me. He was riding a sew-up disc, so it was 15 min until he got a new wheel.
Our runner, me, optimistically went out at 6:40/mi to tackle the 2.5-lap course, turned at the first turn around, and quickly re-thought my strategy into the wind. It went like this:
0.75-ish mi to Kaena Point (with the hill): run fast.
3 mi back to Mokuleia: fight the wind, hold ice in palms, douse self in water
3 mi back to Kaena Point again: sprint while the wind is no longer an issue. Skip aid, just run as fast as you can.
3 mi back to Mokuleia: see above.
3 mi back to Kaena Point again: sprint and catch that guy who didn't bother to go around the turn-around cone (mission accomplished, but it was hard)
0.75-ish mi back to the finish: wonder why I'm not done yet.

I ran a disappointing 1:35 split. Wyatt was waiting at the finish though, so that was awesome. I think my core temp must've been 110 degrees by then, so I walked straight into the ocean.

I later saw that the fastest men went 1:32, and they can run sub 1:20. I had the third-best time of the day - just those two men got me. I'm grateful, because that sure didn't feel like a 7:20/mi effort. Regardless of the disappointing time, it was a great hard workout for me (and a great reason to sleep in tomorrow) so it was worth every second. Always great to see the old tri family, too! I love our Oahu triathlon community.

Some pics:

The Friday evening post-work taper.

The sweetest boy in the world (who passed out waters, ran along side me some, and stole my medal for his hard work)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sneak preview

A week into his cleanse, this is my man, 15 lbs lighter. Yea baby!

I think he's looking at the surf in both pics, you can see it out the french doors.
I didn't tell him to look to his right.

We've got a few more days, and a date planned for BLT - steak is what we miss most. The plan for follow-up for him: back to his healthy paleo-style eating (carnivore ken).

This is me a week in. No noticeable difference. Damn you, estrogen.
(note: we take these when we wake up, hence the bed head and last night's smudgy make-up)

I weight a bit less, but honestly, I see no difference, except that my second bikini is cuter (bikinibird.com has some acacia on sale, ladies!) I've stuck with it 100% this time, but I'm running less, so maybe that's why. 
The plan for follow-up for me: purium's new athlete cleanse - I want to try it, since it has protein and recommended flex foods that match your workouts. And because I'm still off sugar, so might as well roll with what's working!

Speaking of running, I was asked to the do the half-marathon in tomorrow's Kawela Tri as a relay. Perfect timing for a push! I'll run the first half at marathon-goal pace (6:45/mi) then pick it up if I can. It'll be a 9 or 9:30 am start, so I expect the heat to slow me down. No real taper - but I'm taking today off. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Things

Two things: 
1. I did my first tempo run today! I'll do a month of tempo and strength workouts and a month of track/speed, then taper.

2. I convinced Ikaika to do the cleanse. HA. Here's how summer goes: Ikaika's kids come to town. They eat nothing but $40/day of 7-11 spam musubi, soda, and candy for two-three months. Ikaika eats what they eat. By the end of the summer, he's not the jock he used to be. The caveat - I have to do it again with him. Funny thing though, is that it isn't even a problem this time. I'm doing a bit more of the flex foods and loving it. They came out with an athlete-specific cleanse with more protein and recovery supplements, so that's up next. 

How things are going:
The run: I'm around 10 mi/day, and today I kicked off remembering how to push with 2 x a mile at tempo pace with a minute rest in between - a.k.a. Tempo 101. I didn't look at my watch during them, just told myself to hold 85% and ran them on the street using the marathon mile markers. Tempo goal is 6:20, and I ran 6:20 and 6:14. Then I remembered I should do them closer to home - it was a long five mile return. Excited to have one real training run in the bank!

The cleanse: He's down 14 pounds in three full days. Yeah, 14. I made him weigh in on three scales because that's not possible. Maybe it was all water (budlight) weight. Damn you, men! It'd take me a year of starvation or being on Survivor to lose 14 lbs, and I'd look like a bobblehead if I did. But I gotta hand it to him, the complaints are minimal and secretly, I think he might like it. He has a tendon injury in his arm, and it's starting to feel better. I get amusing texts throughout the day.

(What am I doing?)

 From Whole Foods, while searching for kale:
(followed by "Crap, I found the kale.")

In other news - Teresa and Mark are here for a wedding. We met for an evening walk and I got to see their gorgeous baby girl. The super-moon rise over the Mokes wasn't bad either. It's so fun to see blog-land friends in real life. They are one of the nicest couples in the world.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Big Week, Notsomuch Food

July is for big miles. I plan my weeks out and follow them to a T. But I try to eat well and fail over and over again. When the Foodland Farms down the street runs out of giant bags of PB M&Ms (my fault), I switch over to peanut butter off a spoon. A few times, I've given the sugar up for a few months. A few extra pounds fall off within the week, but the real difference is my running and my sleeping. I feel like a million dollars. Unfortunately, I always go back to the crap, and I've never run a marathon or raced Ironman in one of those healthy times.

I am going to do it this time. Chicago is going to be based on good training and good eating. I let my friend Amber talk me into trying a 10-day cleanse, which I wasn't stoked on because I didn't want 10 days of running crappy. But it's all greens, all organic, and she swore it'd get me off the sugar. So I did it.

I ran 95 the week before I started and figured I'd do 100 the week after finishing and just relax during the cleanse. The first day, I ran 10 in the morning before my body could figure out it was living on three green shakes, kale, avocado, apple and cucumber for 10 days. The first day was easy - it was new. The second day, I woke up hungry and didn't want any of the foods allowed, so I went running. 12 miles came easily. The second day was a day of hunger and a lot of apples. But again, I woke up and ran. 15 miles, no problems. So I committed to the 100 mile week anyway.

I averaged 15 miles a day. I never felt low on energy or out of gas. I didn't eat on runs (avocado gel?) and it wasn't a problem. Twice during the week I craved red meat big time, like I do during big weeks, so I had steak at dinner time. I'm a carnivore and felt like my body needed it. Maybe it was iron or protein or something else, but it probably contributed to continued happy running. Near the end of the week, my running got better and easier and I felt light and fast. Ikaika noticed the differences too: I was sleeping 8h/night like a rock and I wasn't sore or stiff. Usually I struggle with my ankles at high miles. They require icing daily and I walk like Frankenstein when I get up in the morning for the first 20 minutes. This time - zero inflammation. I forgot to even worry about my ankles.

It's been a couple of weeks and I'm supplementing with one purium shake/day*, timed to coincide with when I want sugar the most, late afternoon. It's working. August is for strength - hills and tempo. September is for speed. And October is for racing sugar-free!

A photo from Maui last month. I started out to run an hour up Haleakala Hwy, 2 hours later I was at 7000'. Next time, I'll bring water so I can go all the way!

*I have a few more gift codes for $50 off on the purium cleanse, and I've figured out how to make it work while training. Email if you want the scoop - rachelshapland at gmail.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This is coming our way. Normally, I wouldn't fret about a big storm - they usually veer away. But this one starts with "I," just like Iwa and Iniki, the past two that trashed our islands, so it might be a problem. Science, you know.

It's a bit crazy here - lines out the door at Costco with people buying water and batteries. The news is posting list after list of hurricane preparedness kits - but this is my favorite: The Offsetter's Ideal Hurricane Survival Kit.

On training: I took a few days off over the weekend and I'm over it! Things ache when I don't run. Time to get back at it, especially given that there's likely a day or two off coming for Iselle and Julio...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chicago Training So Far

So no point in doing it exactly the same as last time if I want a different end result, right? Last time, I did a big July, hitting my first ever 100-mile week. This time, I'm keeping that. I did a 95-mile week, then a 100-mile week, and then just took it easy this past week. My only hard run was chasing friends up Tantalus (they dropped me) and then pounding back down for 10 miles on Thursday evening. The result? Achy shins. I've been fighting off shin splints since 7th grade track (my one and only year of coached running), so I know when to say when. I don't have shin splints - but I have the pre-ache. So I took the past three days off and will get back at it as soon as the ache is 100% gone.

Instead of including everything that I did last time, I can point you to that time on the blog and to the race report from Chicago 2012 in case you care, before telling you what I'm going to do differently. That was a big, huge bucket-list check. Sub-three, done! This time, there's less pressure. So I want to go even faster. What do I have to lose?

I have a similar training plan - big miles in July/early August, strength and tempo in August, speed in September, then a taper leading up to October 12. But I'm doing a few things differently:

  • I stink at tempo/speed work motivation. So I'm going to race myself fit. Two 10k-ish races in August to ensure I do some time in the tempo hurt-zone. 5ks in September to get the speed workouts in. I have a 18:10 5k PR. It's time to break 18 minutes.
  • Longtime readers know my struggle against the m&m demon well. I can go weeks without anything but coffee and candy. In training for Chicago last time, I meant to eat well. I meant to stop the candy madness and fuel myself and enjoy the 5+ lbs. of fat lost whenever I cut sugar for two weeks (before caving). This time, I've found a secret weapon. I ran that last 100 mile week on fruit and vegetables with a couple of nights of red meat thrown in. Zero sugar, no gels, no bars, no hot tamales or gummy bears at mile 20. 
A couple of people have asked what the point of a 100-mile week is. More on that next...

Leaving with a snapshot of a busy weekend: paddling, running, party, diving, and a few extras because you just never know what opportunity will pop up next (or when a hurricane may show up and a sweater will be required...)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back in Action - Time for Chicago

You know, when I pull this thing offline, training feels lonelier. Which I realize is ridiculous. I do 95% of my training alone and never feel lonely. I just enjoy the quiet. But I love the support team and network the blog makes - connecting me to friends near and far. It was never private, it was just hidden from all because I no longer had time to post. But training for Chicago is on, and I will make time to post.

Here's what's been up for the past four months since Boston: kid-management, public relations, relationship-revising, boating, and lots and lots of running. That sums it up, but photos are always better:

There were 95 - 100 mile weeks in July, and now, real training starts. I've built a plan for Katherine and me for Chicago. In summary: tempo/strength in August, speed in September, and sub-3 at Chicago in October. The group going from Hawaii is big and kind and wild, and it's going to be a blast. I'll post about the journey and the race here. Honestly, I don't just want sub-3 this time, I want to beat my time from Chicago 2012, so I'm looking for 2:57 or better. The training won't be that different. The nutrition will... more on that later, but it's changed for the better and I'm going to go in healthier and see what a difference diet can make.

*that banner was not for me, just seeing if you're paying attention. I still get asked daily if it was...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Boston 2014

Boston Marathon Recap:

In short: Went for sub-3 or bust, but 6:45 - 6:50 felt like a sprint today. At mile 9, I dropped off to 7:00, which felt pretty manageable. KN held the 6:50s and took off. On the back half, I was able to give it a little more effort through the hills, and after Heartbreak, I looked down the hill and spotted KN off in the distance. I caught her at the 22 mile mark and we ran to the finish together. We finished in 3:04.

Honestly, I think I need flat and cold to run sub-3. All the stars need to align perfectly. Good thing we all just signed up for Chicago.

The start was emotional - I doubt there were many dry eyes during the Star Spangled Banner. It was different than years past: police lined the course the entire way, National Guard were everywhere, and four blackhawks flew over the start line as we began. The spectators were amazing - ten deep in places.

It's crowded the whole way in Boston, and it's hilly the whole way. Every year I forget how hard the crowd and hills are. You constantly have to dodge people and find a path to try to hold your pace. 6:50s were miserable today, but 7:00s were fine. I felt light and quick at 7:00. Miles 8 - 12 were the hardest, because I was already tired and the end was so far off. Once I get over the half and can start counting miles down, I get moving.

At one of the lonely points, around mile 11, TriGirlPink came out of nowhere and surprised me with a big glittery R and lots of cheers:

I felt good in the big hills (16-17 is way tougher than heartbreak, in my opinion) and started thinking about working hard to find Katherine. At the crest of heartbreak I looked out at the sea of bodies and spotted her pony tail way off in the distance. And I started racing to get to her. I caught her at the aid station after mile 22. We hit mile 23 at 2:40, and I knew we weren't running an 18-something 5k+, so sub-3 was out the window. So we just ran it in as fast as we could. KN was struggling with some leg pain, so I gave her my advil stash, and that must've done the trick, because she nearly dropped me on Boylston in the last 0.2 miles. There's nothing like that last stretch - I told KN to look up, stop dropping me, and smile because we are so lucky to be here.

(home stretch)

KN's place is just off Boston Common, so it was less than a mile walk home. David had protein smoothies and burgers from the Ritz waiting. I was on the floor pretty quickly.

We should be out on the town tonight, but David brought wine and Veuve and we can't move, so it's been a quiet recovery night. Maybe tomorrow!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I'm in Boston! Proof:

KN had matching shirts and new shoes waiting for me, and has a place right on Boston Common, so we're staying within walking distance of the finish line. It is so good to see her again! I don't really care how tomorrow goes - friends, this city, the excitement around this race - this is what it's all about. I am so grateful just for the opportunity to be right here, right now.

I flew all night Friday and arrived at noon. KN and I immediately had difficulties. She had never picked anyone up at Logan Airport before. I texted that I was at baggage claim at Terminal B. She texted that she was curbside at Terminal B in the batmobile. I know the batmobile, and it isn't the red audi that was the only car at Terminal B. We talked on the phone and both confirmed we were right at the Terminal B sign. I went in and asked if there was another level of Terminal B, and the luggage guys laughed at me. We were highly confused for a good five minutes, then KN realized that maybe it was a loop - and sure enough, she pulled up and I was on the other side of the loop. So it began - if two blondes navigating an airport is that bad, you can imagine what we're like downtown.

I walked in to the expo and found myself in line with Marty and Kir. Marty qualified in his very first marathon, and this will be his third (and last, he says). The expo was horribly over-crowded and difficult to walk through, so we were in and out quickly. 

Go Marty!

It's different this year - the excitement and spirit feels bigger and better than ever, just like the police force. I feel like every third person is a cop. I'm not concerned. But my mother sure is.

I decided to come on short notice and didn't have time to get new shoes, so KN grabbed me a pair of Kinvaras from the expo when she went, on the first day. And now I have the Boston edition. I broke them in on a 20 minute run around Boston Common and down to the finish line this morning. Boylston is closed, and it's fun to run on the big open road towards the finish line. We ordered our burgers from the Ritz Carlton next door to be ready for us at 1:30 pm tomorrow. The game plan is sub-3 or bust: run 6:45-6:50 pace one mile at a time until we can't run it for another step. It worked in Chicago. We looked up those splits. Every 5k was 20:57 - 21:30 in Chicago, and that's the plan for tomorrow, too. The first half, we can go a little quick, since it's a battle not to given the downhill and since we need the cushion for Heartbreak and it's four sisters no one ever tells you about in the back half.

You can track us here: Athlete Tracking
Nichols: 5878
Ross: 3885

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boston Bound

On Wednesday, an itinerary popped up in my inbox. Sometimes you need a little nudge. I wasn't going to go to Boston and I'd convinced myself that I was ok with that, but as soon as I saw my name on a flight, I was thrilled. I leave Friday. I can't wait to see KN, to participate in all things Boston Marathon, and to run my ass off. This year, I'll leave it all on the course - none of this stopping to chat with HK at the half for a while, then running 3:03 crap. There will be no HK, just me and KN. It'll be a quick visit this time - I won't make it to NYC, but I intend to see a lot of my running/tri world friends while in Boston. It's bound to be emotional - I still cry every single time I read a story about the bombing, even though I have no reason to be so dramatic. We were the lucky ones.

Since I last posted, I have run a ton, worked even more, and have connected with my friends near and far. I took three days off of work and traveled to the mainland to spend time with a friend, and it was ridiculously beautiful and relaxing. I ate and drank and rested. It was exactly what my mind and body needed. I've spent a lot of time just hanging at home with the kids. And suddenly I'm tapering. I can't wait to line up on that starting line. KN ran a 3:03 in MA a few months ago, so we're both coming off that time, looking, as always, for 2:59. I'm in full-blown every-pound-counts and carb depletion mode. It's going to be an ugly week, followed by another great trip. I keep escaping Hawaii each weekend that I don't have the kids. It's a relief to get away when times are tough. Next post will be a race report: sub-three in Boston or bust!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whole30 Long Run

Today was a long one, and these are harder during the Whole30. I don't have the carbs all stored up like I usually do from the non-stop peanut butter m&ms. I was able to run the first 40 minutes with my friends Candes and Brigitte, which made them fly by, then headed out to Hawaii Kai solo, thinking that a 220 calorie Larabar for 20 miles likely meant a hard run back. My legs got tired, but I never ran out of gas. In the end I ran 22.5 miles in 2:45 -- 7:20/mile pace. I don't run with anything but a watch, so I have to map my run after, and it almost always tells me I ran 7:45s for long runs. A free 25 seconds per mile is such a gift! I'm attributing it to the Whole30. I don't weigh myself, but I've visibly lost weight. HK was gone for a while, and came home and said hey, no more paddling arms! My clothes fit better. Running is easier. I'm getting used to the clean eating, the three meals a day, and adding breakfast. And at least one entire cow has been consumed in the process. I love the Whole30.

I took Saturday off because I was tired and in between two late nights of fundraisers and went out fishing in the Kaiwi Channel at sunrise instead.

This is why I love fishing - I slept for the first two hours on this beanbag and occasionally opened my eyes to see whales breaching behind us: 

Ignore tired eyes, please and focus on the lack of paddling-arm.

 The boat-selfie tradition:

Pulling in to Kailua - it was this kind of day out there Saturday morning:

While out there we stopped to check out this guy - I think it's an oceanic whitetip, maybe 7-8 feet. He hung around for a while, checking out our bait (and keeping the mahimahi away) and was beautiful to watch:


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Almost Two Weeks

My man came home after what feels like forever - the last time we spent any time together was California. His niece Karma is almost as happy as I am. They had matching bedhead this morning.

In other news... the Whole30 is keeping on keeping on, and I was able to comfortably run 75+ miles last week, so it looks like Boston is on. If tickets ever drop down some - right now, I can get to Paris (I have a permanent fare alert just in case) for cheaper than I can get to Boston! And I've run lots of marathons, so...

 Random favorite during figure skating season, because really, that's what the Olympics are:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seven ate eight

It's 3:45 am and it looks like I'm up for good. The house is on a hillside overlooking a valley, which means I watch whales breach while I work, but it also means that in high winds, it rocks. The master bedroom is a third-floor loft, and the bed keep shaking me awake as the wind howls. I guess there's no time like the present to head out for a long run. I'd like to hop back up to 18 and add in Tantalus or one of the ridges for some good climbing practice. 

My parents are here. I think I outgrew Lucy around 7th grade, but it's funny to see my kids bigger than my mom. One of my brothers arrived from Africa last night, too, so we've got two weeks of family. Pete officially does development work in Mali, but half-lives in Senegal, too.

Day eight of the whole30 and we'll see how a long run goes. I've survived a week of consistent running with no problems, so it's a start. My clothes are loosening up, so the whole30 is doing it's thing. I'm remembering to eat, even though I still tend to skip breakfast most of the time. That's what coffee is for. I can't break all my bad habits at once, so I'm just focusing on getting sugar out of my life (and off of my thighs).

Friday, February 14, 2014

Day Seven

Whoops - so much for blogging everyday of the whole30. I would have, but I didn't have the energy. Something about lack of carbs, I think. I fell off the blog-wagon, but not the whole30-wagon - still going strong (weak). Day seven and I'm running on empty. There was a 24-hour accidental fast. I was hungry, but healthy food looked difficult and gross. I ended it with OCC snackbar breakfast, and it wasn't bad. Maybe by day 30, I will like healthy food? 

fast-ending food
Sky after waking up, doing her best grumpy cat impersonation

My brain without carbs. Luckily, I noticed about a block from the car.
It's a hard week to test Boston by running every day, but I'm surviving it. Off for the sunrise run now...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Day Three

I've always considered running my quiet time. I listed to music, but often I don't even hear the songs. As I try to determine whether the Boston Marathon is a viable option for me or not, I have committed to running 1 - 1.5 hours per day this week to test my durability. It's not a huge volume, but right now, it feels substantial. If I can't find the time to get it in, or if my back continues to cause problems, then this is not the time. I don't want to fly across the country to run 3 hours plus again. I want to fly across the country to PR on that course, which means 2:58:30 or better has to be possible.

Today, while running, I came up with a strategy to quietly push public perception of a controversial topic in a direction that would best suit one of my clients, an idea for my brother's fledgling company's branding, and a strategy to best manage a difficult client's attitude. That run was practically billable.

I also noticed a trend. As both my real and Facebook friends may have noticed, a couple of not-so-nice women have shown up in my life lately. As I thought about how to best manage this - and basically determined that all I can do right now is let it go, I noticed this:

**I know a lot of really nice 40-somethings. However, I've also noticed that no one was catty, nasty, or sabotaging between the ages of 15 and 40 - that's all. Nothing like an infographic to show my new theory. Let's blame it all on hormones, shall we? I would make one of these for the annual Great Aloha Run versus the Size of My Ass graph, however, I'm not running it this year, for many reasons (I don't feel like it, mostly).

Day three of the whole30 is on, and is working: I woke up hungry for breakfast. When I'm not doing the whole30, I eat breakfast when people make me (business meetings). I don't like to run with food in me. And breakfast makes me hungry all day, and I don't have time for all that eating. But I am following the rules, because my body needs a break from all the inflamation, sugar, and stress of my bad eating habits. I miss wine. That is all.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Day one of change is pretty easy, so long as I don't think about the 29 or so that follow. It helps when I get HK on board - our Saturday night date during the Whole30 is Whole Foods, followed by a Modern Family marathon.

It's almost 6 am and I'm off to meet Brigitte for a run. I don't think I had any carbs yesterday (fruit = gross) so it'll be interesting. It's also my first attempt at running two days in a row in a month. I should be running long by now for Boston, but if I can string together some hour-long back-to-back runs without too much back pain, I'll call it success!

Last week, I took Monday and Thursday almost completely off, and that allowed me to get my hours into the 40s for the first time in a while. It felt so luxurious. So that's an added goal: work 40-something hours a week, not 50- or 60-something.

It's Punahou Carnival weekend - this is just a shot of how you spend $100 in 45 minutes:

Wyatt went on the swings with me! And Sky's not wearing a weird yellow bow - that's my Cal bear shirt.

On to day two.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day One

The blog has gone by the wayside as a result of the busy-ness of business. The running, the training, the coaching, and even the family have, as well. I'm writing from the overflow room of the State Capital, listening to testimony on behalf of a client on a Saturday morning. It's extremely interesting, as well as life-consuming. My health has fallen off with my training - I'm beginning to doubt that Boston will happen if I don't turn things around. I need to get moving more and stop eating poorly. So today is day one of the whole30. As part of the challenge, I'm going to also try to blog daily, even if it's just fluff, as it guarantees 10 minutes a day of thinking about my goals, my life, and my health.

Work sent me to San Francisco last week, so I took advantage of the opportunity to visit my littlest brother Tommy and his wife Hayley. We drove to Kirkwood and caught the first good snow of the season, we visited one of my oldest friends and her family in Jackson, and then I enjoyed San Francisco with HK and some of my favorite people.

Brother time

Untimely shot of my men. 14 and 43, no big difference.

Post-run sunrise view.

Superswimmer Kim, me, and Jordan having the best burgers ever at Spruce.

Tom, Hayley, and wine.

 The Patakys are awesome.

So, it's on. Today is day one of the whole30 (two poached eggs and black coffee - check!) and day one of daily posts.