Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ten Days

The work is done. Now I just force rest, eat clean, sleep too much, and try to stay away from my 14 year old who has a cough. Which won't be easy - he's my oldest, yet sometimes the one who needs me most lately. At least, he needs the most driving around...

I'm so insanely busy with work that I can't do much else, so that helps the taper. This week is limited to 25 miles. I'm skipping the track and adding a four-mile race from Sandys to Hawaii Kai on Sunday for my last little bit of intensity. And beautiful views! I've got another four pounds to go to race weight, so I'm alcohol and sugar-free, and living on vegetables, green shakes, and a little protein here and there.

Most people get phantom taper injuries. I get too-much-sleep injuries. My neck and back are stiff and achy every morning because lying down for eight hours is foreign to my body. I'm used to four or five hours, max. 

My race tank arrived and so did my number: 456. I like it! I'm big on numbers. That feels like a straight. Katherine, Brigitte and I are all in the american development wave, which we had in 2012 too - heated tent, front row start, and a nice place to keep our things and meet up afterwards. All set up for success.

I'm putting it all out there: We are going sub-3. It's on! Brigitte has never raced in cool weather and has a PR of 3:03. She's a machine and I think she can go even faster. And Katherine went 3:03 this year - faster than ever! I got my 2:58 here and want to do it again with my girls. Ten days to go - I can't wait!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The last big week!

This was it - 70 miles with a 20-miler at the end. After this, I will do a big, long, lazy taper. That means I'll run 60% (42 mi) next week, and 40% the following (28 mi), then really do almost nothing race week. I still have two more short speed workouts, even though I don't really understand "staying sharp," and the rest is just proper rest, staying healthy, and losing the last 5 lbs. Make fun of me if you want, but at my lighter, healthy-eating weight, I run so much more effortlessly. I'm a week into a month without sugar, and after a particularly fun Thursday night at the grand opening of the Ilikai condominiums, I'm off alcohol until after the race, too. Funny, that doesn't bug me nearly as much as candy.

View from the Ilikai

I completed the Purium athlete cleanse. My thoughts: way easier/more manageable - you get more protein and fat and a full meal each night. But, the vanilla chai didn't do it for me - I wanted my greens back. So I ordered more. I'm totally drinking the Kool-Aid. It's working. And bonus: so is this one! Sky has taken over the apple berry power shake. All organic superfoods - works for me. She wants purium and pancakes for breakfast lately.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Three-hour run

At least once before the marathon, I like to run my (optimistic) marathon time. The thinking is that when I get to that last half-hour on race day, I'll be able to remind myself that running three hours is no big deal - I did it four weeks ago on tired legs. Sure, I need to get 3-4 more miles in during that time, but my body can run for three hours. No problem. 

I wish I'd been better about logging, but I'd estimate this is my fifth 20-ish mile run of this build. I'm pretty scientific about the training around here. I know that even a hint of sugar during a run would set me on course for sugar-disaster, so here's how this run was fueled in lieu of the standard gummy colas.

Purium and the long run: black coffee and master aminos vegan protein for breakfast, an all-fruit power gel (banana and blueberries) for during, and LOVE Super Meal and Super Xanthin for recovery.

I started early because it's been crazy hot here. It was cool and dark for the first hour and a half, then the sun came up. Luckily, right about then, I ran into the Boca training group. I wound up having a great hour of running with Lectie, Michelle and Mariane, and pushing the pace a bit to keep up. In the end, 80 calories of fruit probably weren't enough for 23 miles, but I survived and it will make me a little bit stronger in Chicago. Next week's long run is TBD - at three weeks out, I might throw one more 20+ in for good measure. 

Here's how the post-athlete cleanse anti-sugar mission is going - we go to events, and the kids/man buy bad stuff and then ask me to hold it for them while they do other things. Like coffee fudge brownies, and bacon cupcakes that sound amazing and then turn out to be a letdown.

That's my fake I'm-about-to-steal-your-food smile

The challenges I face when I pop in at our HQ

This guy decided that my goals (sub-3, no debt, and the splits*) for 2014 weren't enough, and added handstands and walking on my hands. I sometimes forget that he was once a black-belt in everything and has the flexibility and balance of a 100-lb ballerina. I'm up for the challenge, but there will likely be lots of broken glass. 

*Yeah, ask him about his goals sometime. His whats?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


With four weeks till marathon day, I'm back at the track. This build, I put in more weeks of tempo than track. This was not strategic or goal-oriented. Oh no, this was just plain old fear. I am afraid of the track. Sometimes I go to pick up H at football and smell the track and get nervous. It smells like rubbery pain. Brig says the track is hard because it demands honesty - there's nowhere to hide. She's a wise one.

I don't mind pushing hard in a race, but there's something about intervals that gets the best of me. But, there's really no substitute. I do intervals by my watch on the road sometime, but they don't hurt as much - because I'm not pushing the pace as hard. If I want the added bit of speed I need to get under 3 hours in Chicago, I can't skip the track.

The full moon was setting when I got there a bit before 5 am. I promptly tripped over a football labeled JV - thanks, son. I had my racing shoes and my recovery drink, and my standard pre-hard-workout breakfast of black coffee. Stacky joined me, which is a plus because I'm more likely to finish the workout and push to keep up, but also a minus, because I actually have to do the workout and not chicken out.

Here's the thing: maybe if you don't go very often, like two - four times per year instead of weekly, you won't have as many painful, missed interval days at the track. It's safe to say I last ran at the track in April, before Boston. And even then I only did one track workout during the build. Today I threw out a simple workout and a not-too-intimidating goal: 6 x 800, jog 200 in between. I've been running at the track with Stacky for eight years now (when I show up) so we both know what times are a bad day (3:10+) an ok day (3:01 - 3:09) and what makes a good day (3:00 or faster) without having to discuss goal times.

First one is warm up: a comfortable 3:18. I laughed because two years ago at Chicago, that was pretty close to the pace I ran for 26.2 but today, it wasn't easy. The next two, I waited for the lactic acid burn that kicks in by 200m, but it didn't come:
Half-way done, before my legs are even on fire! The burn came on number four, but I shortened my stride a bit and worked through it with each lap:
And done! I didn't mean to descend, but I did push hard on that last one just to see what I could do. Then we debated stealing the football (didn't), eating the king sized Reece's cups that were unopened on the lamp post (temptation is everywhere!), but instead took pics of my shoes and Purium at sunrise and raced home to start the day happy and unbroken by the track.

I might never go back, since I'm winning right now.

Today was a very full workday, but I stopped late afternoon for an hour to officially launch Girls on the Run at the local middle school. My friends JP and Krista joined me to help coach. We had a great time and I think the girls all enjoyed it. I thought it would be all about training for a 5k, but it turns out my coach book has a lot of curricula too. We took a selfie post-run, at the girls' insistence:

Then there was a little recovery jog. Run, kids, work, run with kids, work, run, work. Nice Tuesday!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


If you only see one thing on this blog today, I want it to be this photo. I didn't take it - photo credit goes to Hayden Ramler. This is one stop along the way last week. Click on the photo to see it full-sized.

What follows is the story of our trip in photos. I won't bore you with words except to explain why and to add captions. There was an opportunity to be part of an adventure that involved paddling the north coast of Molokai, inaccessible by road. Similar to Na Pali coast on Kauai, yet steeper, greener, more desolate and more dramatic. A friend was approached for a story in a magazine and asked to organize a paddling adventure. He picked friends that would be fun and can paddle. In the end, we had six paddlers from Oahu, two from California, and three from Molokai, plus a cameraman and writer. We left Tuesday morning and did it in two full days. 
The Molokai boys arranged for us to have lunch in Kalaupapa - a place with a long and very sad history where ten lepers still live today. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the peninsula, which is not open to the public. It was a beautiful ghost town and we visited with one of the remaining patients for a while, saw the church, the theater, and a photo exhibit that told the story of the residents. I wasn't the only weepy one. I'm so grateful for the experience.

We then stayed some more at a friend's ranch on Molokai and worked (HK did, I ran a hot 21 miler) and did some beach time.

I handled food prep - I love you too, okinawan sweet potato!

Five dozen eggs for 13 in the valley - thanks Purium.

Loading up at Halawa

The start of our trip, just after leaving Halawa.


Getting ready for the morning departure.

Six paddlers and an NY-based photographer

Paddling through a cave

HK rarely sees something he can't do a backflip off of...


Our lunch spot - miles and miles to go

Saint Damien's church in Kalaupapa. There were 7,000 residents living and being treated here.

Our crew headed for the theater

Hiding from the sun whenever we can

Paddling towards Ilio - the longest stretch of the journey. It took well over three hours to reach Kaluakoi, on the west coast, from Kalaupapa.

It felt like a week-long adventure in two days. When we got back, instead of heading home to Oahu, we took the rest of the week. This one about sums up my love of looking for treasures on Papohaku, west Molokai.

Come on, honey, keep up.

I feel so fortunate. There's not much else to say. I have wonderful people in my life who invite me along for the fun.

Purium Discount Code

Since Ikaika and I did the ten-day transformation cleanse, and because I've kept on it, drinking the green power shake and supplementing with Purium, a LOT of people have asked me about it. Whether I had energy (yes!) and if I was able to run (miles and miles!) and if I have any more codes for $50 off your order (I do!) and if I'm still doing it (yes!).

So email me for the scoop on how to order and a few tips on getting started. You can look it up at - we did the transformation cleanse and then the athlete cleanse. Holler when you want to order and I can give you tips!

Here's the scoop on why to do it and how to succeed:
  1. It gives your body ten days of all organic, non-GMO, clean eating.
  2. It's a nice metabolism re-set
  3. It gets you moving in the right direction - for me, it's been a dietary game-changer. I am finally eating clean.
  4. Drink the power shake with a ton of ice. 
  5. Split the fiber up into your three shakes.
  6. Eat the flex foods - food is good for you and makes this easier! You'll still see results.
*Ikaika has more codes left to share than me - mine got snapped up! Go to the, select the middle option for wholesale pricing, and enter his code: harbottle to get $50 off your first order. Pick the transformation cleanse, or the athlete cleanse.

Scroll down to see Ikaika's result again, or hit email me if you have a question. I'm still drinking 1-2 shakes a day, staying away from sugar, and taking master aminos and astaxanthin, and will keep it up indefinitely.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Long Weekend, Short Week

In my old life, this weekend meant the 20k race Saturday, the Dick Evans 112 mi cycling race Sunday, and the Waikiki Roughwater 2.4 mi swim on Monday. Sometimes, I actually do miss Kona training. But it was nice to get up before the sun Saturday and run 21 solo miles with a freshly-loaded ipod and still-new shoes while the moon set and the sun came up. And to know that my biggest workout of the weekend is done! I ran for 2:45 before the rush to football practice and busy day began. My mini kept me company. Henry wouldn't let us walk him into football - something about my apres long run look...

She has learned the girl stance. I haven't.

15 miles or so into my run, I ran right by this:

Yes, that's a knife as big as my leg. I didn't run home with it - or else I'd be writing this from the ER, given my tendency to fall. I just stashed it in the bushes so no 12 year-old boy would find it and hurt himself, since that's what one of mine would do. As I stashed it, it cut the grass, a branch, and the fence it came in contact with. Ikaika wanted it, so we went back. I figured it was a gardener's or a murderer's, but some googling (ninja knife worked) showed that it was a "zombie survival knife" that you can order online for $11. All I know is it's not staying at my house. And I guess I'm lucky someone was out there ahead of me slaying the zombies on Kahala Avenue.

The rest of the weekend was filled with event set-up and events. I'm volunteering with the Joyful Heart Foundation. It's an organization led mostly by strong, dedicated women with a focus on ending domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse, founded by Mariska Hargitay, who is absolutely real and lovely in real life. Sky helped me with set up: 

 (Delivering centerpieces is hard work and requires recovery)

A snippet of the pre-event dinner, at the most fabulous Dowsett  historic mansion I've ever seen.

After the event I came home to find this one lighting lanterns and setting them free over the ocean. They're gorgeous to watch float away, and made of paper so they dissolve away to nothing when the fuel burns itself out. Boys and fire - they just can't resist, can they?

I'm headed off the grid and the rock for the week - we're taking a much-needed vacation! It's a top-secret mission that involves boating and camping in remote areas! Look for photos on Instagram and FB when I can find service!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures in Training

We woke up and decided to make the perfect Sunday. Here's how it went:

First, run a race. I was planning to run 20, but Stacky texted about the 15k, so I told him, fine, I'll do it, but I am not keeping up with you. We ran a couple miles, then raced, then ran some more miles until it felt like the equivalent of a long run. 

Stacky and I ran up to the start line as the gun went off - perfect. We ran comfortably fast for the first 5 miles - right around the 7 min/mi mark. Then we picked it up a little for the last four. In the end, we ran 1:04, around 6:50, so it was a good practice for the marathon coming up. We did finish together, but only because he had faulty shoe laces and stopped twice coming back over Diamond Head.

Second, race to the boat and throw out the fishing lines. I met HK at the boat and we headed out to watch our friends paddle around Makapuu in the Dad Center long distance race. Then we rolled around to Rabbit Island, famous for its tiger shark sightings, because I've always wanted to snorkel there. You're not allowed to touch the island - it's a sanctuary - so it's empty. The water in front of it was as expected: Tahiti-esque. We were both a little nervous, given that no one swims there. I instructed him to jump in first and splash around a while like an injured seal. Once he did that for 5 min, I jumped in too. I was able to free dive down to about 25 feet this time and spend time looking around - getting deeper!

(shark bait)

Third, jump in the pool (in lieu of shower), then take a nap. My house was quiet and it was raining in the valley. Perfect nap conditions to pass out for a couple of hours.

Last, the surfing! There was a nice swell all weekend, and clean conditions in the bay. 

Today, I splurged. I've been running in race flats since before Boston, and needed a new pair of cushioned shoes to rotate through. I tried these on while doing a little work at the Boca shop and fell in love. It's been a while, Hokas...

They're on my lanai, and I am fueled up and chomping at the bit, but can't run tonight. Can't wait for morning! The athlete program for purium is a breeze because there's a ton of protein and dinner involved. I love it, and have a discount code if anyone wants to try it. The Hoka's are the Cliftons, and aren't nearly as bulky as older models. They are so squishy - I'm in love. The view is also for sale - my house is listed, unfortunately. I know I should hope it sells for my great landlord's sake, but I really don't ever want to go.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Girls on the Run!

I had a busy week that led to unfocused training - basically, just running - and a lot of new projects going on.

I saw a Girls on the Run 5k on a race website and realized now would be the time to start one at Sky's school. So I contacted the program director here and the school principal, and both were thrilled we wanted to add a program. No one is more thrilled than Sky though, who is already recruiting friends. I'm savoring this. I know how uncool it will soon be to have her mom at school. For now, though, as long as I don't hold her hand on campus, we're ok, and she's already asking all her friends to join. 

I completed the coach's training today and it was fabulous. Normally, nothing can engage me enough to make it possible for me to sit still for three hours. But I was fine! I didn't even pretend I had to go to the bathroom so I could wander the halls - a trick I learned in fifth grade and continue now in longer boardroom meetings. They provided absolutely everything I'll need, and there's a lesson each day, usually aimed a confidence and social skills, all provided for me. I'm excited to get started - I'll coach twice a week for ten weeks, then we'll all run a 5k in November. 

In other news, Ikaika finished the Purium cleanse. His final verdict: That kind of sucked, but it was totally worth it. He's 19 pounds lighter and looks great. His next goal is to gain 10 back as muscle, and to stick to eating clean - he's mostly a Whole30 + Bud Lite guy. He even says he'll limit the beer to a couple of nights a week. Sub-200 pound Ikaika is a little weird, but he looks and feels great. Here's what we've been doing since:

Fresh poke at the Quiksilver Waterman store grand opening party at Waikiki Beach Walk

The ribeye at Trump BLT - my favorite!

Fried avocado and tacos at Cocina
(in a lulu shirt that the dog made a pirate shirt)

I'm getting back on track this week - my clients are busy, but I have a new account exec starting to help me. I got ten miles in midday today (so hot!) and will either race the 15k in the morning or go out and run 20 - which would probably be more valuable right now. 

On Monday, I'm taking part in a Healthy Happy Hour event for people interested in Purium - it'll be my first - and I'm starting their athlete cleanse. Another ten days off processed food, but this time with the protein and calories aimed at sustaining heavy training and promoting recovery. Excited to have another big training week!

A few more from the Waterman event. My friend Mike, whose art I've posted about before, has a new line out with Quiksilver. I need these slippers!

Some pretty awesome waterman, including the artist himself!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kawela Half-Marathon/Ironman

On Wednesday, my friend Chet asked if I'd be the runner for his relay team for today's inaugural Kawela Half. I figured I should race any chance I get to practice pain. So, I said sure. Then instigated a mini-taper (Friday) and decided to go after marathon goal pace, as I mentioned in my last post.

Some things I forgot:

1. Mini-tapers of one day worked when I was 29. Not so much now.
2. A half marathon that starts at 75 degrees and 5 am is not the same as a half marathon that starts at 9:30 am and 90 degrees, with strong trades.
3. Triathlons tend to have estimated distances. I checked out the course prior to saying yes. This morning, they added another 0.8 mi out and back at the end (with the hill).

Our swimmer, Taylor, did an amazing job, swimming 22 or so, because she's a swim star.
Our cyclist, Chet, got a flat tire and called to tell me. He was riding a sew-up disc, so it was 15 min until he got a new wheel.
Our runner, me, optimistically went out at 6:40/mi to tackle the 2.5-lap course, turned at the first turn around, and quickly re-thought my strategy into the wind. It went like this:
0.75-ish mi to Kaena Point (with the hill): run fast.
3 mi back to Mokuleia: fight the wind, hold ice in palms, douse self in water
3 mi back to Kaena Point again: sprint while the wind is no longer an issue. Skip aid, just run as fast as you can.
3 mi back to Mokuleia: see above.
3 mi back to Kaena Point again: sprint and catch that guy who didn't bother to go around the turn-around cone (mission accomplished, but it was hard)
0.75-ish mi back to the finish: wonder why I'm not done yet.

I ran a disappointing 1:35 split. Wyatt was waiting at the finish though, so that was awesome. I think my core temp must've been 110 degrees by then, so I walked straight into the ocean.

I later saw that the fastest men went 1:32, and they can run sub 1:20. I had the third-best time of the day - just those two men got me. I'm grateful, because that sure didn't feel like a 7:20/mi effort. Regardless of the disappointing time, it was a great hard workout for me (and a great reason to sleep in tomorrow) so it was worth every second. Always great to see the old tri family, too! I love our Oahu triathlon community.

Some pics:

The Friday evening post-work taper.

The sweetest boy in the world (who passed out waters, ran along side me some, and stole my medal for his hard work)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sneak preview

A week into his cleanse, this is my man, 15 lbs lighter. Yea baby!

I think he's looking at the surf in both pics, you can see it out the french doors.
I didn't tell him to look to his right.

We've got a few more days, and a date planned for BLT - steak is what we miss most. The plan for follow-up for him: back to his healthy paleo-style eating (carnivore ken).

The plan for follow-up for me: purium's new athlete cleanse - I want to try it, since it has protein and recommended flex foods that match your workouts. And because I'm still off sugar, so might as well roll with what's working!

Speaking of running, I was asked to the do the half-marathon in tomorrow's Kawela Tri as a relay. Perfect timing for a push! I'll run the first half at marathon-goal pace (6:45/mi) then pick it up if I can. It'll be a 9 or 9:30 am start, so I expect the heat to slow me down. No real taper - but I'm taking today off. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Things

Two things: 
1. I did my first tempo run today! I'll do a month of tempo and strength workouts and a month of track/speed, then taper.

2. I convinced Ikaika to do the cleanse. HA. Here's how summer goes: Ikaika's kids come to town. They eat nothing but $40/day of 7-11 spam musubi, soda, and candy for two-three months. Ikaika eats what they eat. By the end of the summer, he's not the jock he used to be. The caveat - I have to do it again with him. Funny thing though, is that it isn't even a problem this time. I'm doing a bit more of the flex foods and loving it. They came out with an athlete-specific cleanse with more protein and recovery supplements, so that's up next. 

How things are going:
The run: I'm around 10 mi/day, and today I kicked off remembering how to push with 2 x a mile at tempo pace with a minute rest in between - a.k.a. Tempo 101. I didn't look at my watch during them, just told myself to hold 85% and ran them on the street using the marathon mile markers. Tempo goal is 6:20, and I ran 6:20 and 6:14. Then I remembered I should do them closer to home - it was a long five mile return. Excited to have one real training run in the bank!

The cleanse: He's down 14 pounds in three full days. Yeah, 14. I made him weigh in on three scales because that's not possible. Maybe it was all water (budlight) weight. Damn you, men! It'd take me a year of starvation or being on Survivor to lose 14 lbs, and I'd look like a bobblehead if I did. But I gotta hand it to him, the complaints are minimal and secretly, I think he might like it. He has a tendon injury in his arm, and it's starting to feel better. I get amusing texts throughout the day.

(What am I doing?)

 From Whole Foods, while searching for kale:
(followed by "Crap, I found the kale.")

In other news - Teresa and Mark are here for a wedding. We met for an evening walk and I got to see their gorgeous baby girl. The super-moon rise over the Mokes wasn't bad either. It's so fun to see blog-land friends in real life. They are one of the nicest couples in the world.